Update May 19

The class has completed the Oregon Trail project!  The students spent time on Friday afternoon binding the books.  Heidi Masterson helped the class create a beautiful and unique cover for their Oregon Trail Journal.  This Journal will be a special keep sake for each student.

The students had a wonderful time playing with their preschool buddies outside on Friday.  It was wonderful to see the kids have so much fun together!

We are looking forward to learning all we can about Greek Mythology over the next couple of weeks.  In class we have been reading Greek Myths.  Next week students will begin creating their very own god/goddess and myths to share with the class.  This will be an in class project.  Some students may want to do some extra work at home, but it is not an expectation!

This coming week we look forward to our Field trip to the Seattle Art Museum on Thursday.  Students are asked to wear dress uniform for this field trip and bring a lunch.

We are celebrating the Oregon Trail by sharing food and stories Friday afternoon.  If your students has something special from home to bring in and share or wear that is great. However we are not dressing up as pioneers as a class for the event.

Item to note:

Summer Solutions Math books must be ordered by tomorrow May 21 for free shipping and delivery to St John by the end of the year.


Enjoy the sun!!

Update May 12

The class had a busy and productive week!  Thank you for your support of Jump Rope For Heart.  The intermediate grades raised a lot of funds for a good cause.  The Spring concert was wonderful.  The students should be very proud of their hard work!


For next week:

Social Studies:  We are going to finish the Oregon Trail Journal project.  The students have written wonderful and interesting stories.

Math:  We have finished Chapter 9 in math.  Will be cover the concepts of  Geometry and Measurement and Data over the next few weeks.

Language Arts:  The class is excited to begin our new study of Greek Mythology.

Science:  Groups will be creating posters showing their understanding of heat transfer.  Students are invited to do research at home to add interesting details to their group work.

Dates to remember:

May 25 Fourth grade Field Trip to the Seattle Art Museum

May 26 Oregon Trail Celebration




Weather calls for Sunshine!

This week will be a lot of fun with some great activities!

Map testing is completed.  The class did their very best on this new test.  Now they can look forward to some great events.

We have bike to school day on Wednesday.  All are encouraged to ride their bikes to school.  We will have a couple bike themed activities in class that day.

Jump Rope for Heart is on Thursday.  Please note a permission slip went home with your child so that She/he can participate in our afternoon of jump roping.

Spring Concert is this Thursday night at 7pm.  Students are encouraged to wear their Spring Best or Dress uniform.

Please see the list of events to note:

  • May 10th – Bike to School Day
  • May 11th – Jump Rope for Heart & Free Dress (send in the permission slip!)
  • May 11th – Intermediate Spring Concert @ 7:00pm
  • May 17th – Cantionis sings at Mariner’s game (tickets still available)
  • May 25th – Field trip to Seattle Art Museum(permission slip was sent home)
  • May 26th – Oregon Trail Party! (let me a sign up genius was sent out)

We should see some sun this week- Enjoy!!

Update for the week of May 1

Thank you to everyone for making the Auction a great success!  It was a wonderful event that raised important funds for the school and more importantly highlighted the friendship and connections in our amazing community!

This is a busy week for the Fourth Grade.  Please note the following events:

  • May 1st – Crowning of Mary & Rosary @ 9:00am (led by 4th grade): Please send your student to school in dress uniform. Also each student is encouraged to bring a flower to offer to Mary.
  • Map testing will be administered this week for the Fourth grade.  The students will take the Math, Language Arts, Reading and Science sections of the test. This test shows only a small portion of what your child has learned in each subject area.  The best way to approach the MAP is to ensure your student is well rested!
  • May 2nd – MAP Testing (Math)
  • May 3rd – MAP Testing (ELA)
  • May 4th – MAP Testing (Reading)
  • May 5th – MAP Testing (Science)

Important upcoming events:


  • May 10th – Bike to School Day
  • May 11th – Jump Rope for Heart & Free Dress
  • May 11th – Intermediate Spring Concert @ 7:00pm


Progress reports were sent home this past Thursday.  Please sign the top page and send back to school. 

Holy Week

Tomorrow we will have a special Shadow Stations of the Cross at 2pm.  You are all welcome.  After the Stations of the Cross we will leave school silently at 3pm.  It is a powerful and meaningful experience.

In observance of “Day to Unplug”  I will not be checking emails tomorrow.  If you need to contact me on an urgent matter please call the school office.

Let’s join together in a unified devotion of faith and take a day to unplug, from sundown Holy  Thursday to 6 pm Good Friday.

What does Day to Unplug look like?
At Home:
Consider shutting down your electronic devices. Abstain from social
media, Netflix, Internet, phone calls and texts. Take extra time to
reconnect with each other. Unplug unnecessary electronics such as
lamps, chargers, and non-essential devices in a concerted effort to
save electricity.
At School:
While each school will set their limits for school safety, the school day will
be “unplugged” with limited use of lights and technology. School office
phones and email will remain open. No unnecessary technology will be
used in our classrooms, where the emphasis will be on human interaction,
empathy, and compassion.
A Day to Unplug is our opportunity to recharge our faith and our connections to each other.


Update March 24

We pray for sunshine and feel blessed when we can get outside for recess!  The class has been lucky to have most days outside for recess.  But it is a challenge on rainy days.  Let’s hope for sunshine next week!

The students have been great about turning in work.  Late work is accepted up to two weeks past the original due date.  Please encourage your student to come talk to me about any missing work.

Math:  Some students have completed the mid-chapter check point for chapter 6.  The rest of the fourth graders will take that quiz on Monday.  There will be support for students who have any confusion.  Math will continue with fraction work for the next couple of weeks.

Social Studies:  The Oregon Trail writing continues.  Students are allowed to bring social studies home if they want to catch up or have long entries to write.  However we need the accordion folders in class each day to continue work on landmarks as a group.

Science:  Wonderful work on the STEM projects!  We are all looking forward to the Snowball Saver presentation on Monday. Three students presented their savers today and did a great job modeling excellent projects.

Religion:  We continue to meet as a school for Stations of the Cross every Friday at 2:30.  Please join us and sit with our class.

Literacy and E.L.A.:  The students presented the book work projects.  This is an incredibly creative group of kids!  I think everyone now has more ideas of what to read!  Students will continue to do Achieve Articles at home.  Please encourage your student to spend time answering the thought questions completely.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the outdoors!


Dates to Note:

Friday, March 24  Soup Supper, 6pm followed by Stations of the Cross

Wednesday March 29 Dress Uniform for class and club pictures

Thursday, March 30, Middle School Science Fair, 5pm, Egan Hall

Friday March 31 Photo Essay Deadlne

Wednesday April 5 Family Literacy Night 6:30 – 8:30

Easter Holidays – April 17 – 21, 2017


Update March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The class spent the day working on a challenging St. Patrick’s Day Math packet, a fun Lucy Charms math activity and presenting creative projects for the St Patrick’s Day Gold Bridge science extension.

Our fearless and creative parent Art Leaders guided the class on the Fourth Grade Auction Project.  The beautiful piece is inspired by the art work of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. The title is: Expressionist Circles.  It will be a gorgeous piece of art. Maybe it will be in your home soon after the auction!  Remember to log onto the Auction Website and buy your tickets for 80’s Prom.

And here is what’s happening academically:

Thank you for looking over the Fourth Grade contract of work expectations for Third Trimester.  The students have already risen to the occasion.

Math:  We are having fun with fraction.  We will continue to find equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, compare fraction and much, much more!  The Kahn academy has a great website that clearly explains fractions.  Also I have manipulates the students are welcome to check out for use at home with homework.  Visuals, such as drawing pictures, really help when working with fractions too!

Social Studies:  The students have begun writing their own diary of being on the Oregon Trail.  This project will last multiple weeks.  Most of the work will be done in class.  However if your student begins to fall behind with in class work, it will be sent home for homework.

Science:  We had fun doing the St. Patrick’s Day Bridge project in class.  This coming week students will explore science that can be done at home.  Stay tuned for more to come!

E.L.A. Students turned in their personal narrative essays.  Wow, what amazing writers!  We will be doing cross curriculum work with writing and social studies for the next few weeks on the Oregon Trail Project. Students will be doing one Achieve Article at home next week instead of two.  The students will be graded on their thought questions and use of a graphic organizer that I will provide.  I will assign the article.

Religion:  Today we participated in a beautiful Stations of The Cross Prayer service lead by the Fifth grade.  You are invited to join us every Friday in Lent from 2:30 – 2:55 in the Church for Stations of the Cross.

Dates to remember:


  • Saturday, March 18:  March Crabness! 4pm, Egan Hall
  • Tuesday, March 21:  Parent Association presents “Screenagers” at 7pm, Egan Hall We are advised this is appropriate for parents to attend with fourth graders and older! Please see link for more info: http://www.screenagersmovie.com/
  • March 29th – Class & Club Picture Day (Dress Uniform)
  • March 30th – Middle School Science Fair
  • April 5th – Author Day
  • Auction April 28!


Update March 3

Thank you for a wonderful week!  The accreditation team visited every classroom this week.  They were impressed by the amazing students and commented on our cohesive and exceptional community.  We are all so fortunate to be part of the St. John family!

This week in class:

Social Studies:  The Oregon Trail work continues.  We discussed a lot about what provisions to bring, what the cost of the journey will be and how long it will take.  We will begin learning about each of the landmarks next week.

Math:  Students will have the Chapter 5 test this week.   Then we move into fractions.  Fractions are fun!

E.L.A.:  Students are writing and revising their personal narratives.  These will be completed by Friday.  Each person has also chosen a novel to read (a good fit book).  In class students are taking notes on the characters, setting and vocabulary.  Students will complete a book project that will be presented in a few weeks.

Religion:  Students continue to share what their personal plan is for Lent.  This is a time for prayer, alms giving and fasting.  In fourth grade we talk a lot about what we can do for others to honor this special season.

Dates to Note:

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, March 9, 11 and 12 – Middle School Musical – Alice in Wonderland

Friday, March 10 – School not in session

Save the Date – Saturday, March 18 – March Crabness

Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age

St. John School is hosting a screening for parents and students of the documentary film, Screenagers. Join us on Tuesday, March 21, at 7pm in Egan Hall for a free, must-see presentation.

Update February 24

The class accomplished a lot this short week!  I hope everyone enjoyed the time off for President day.  We will be very busy the next several weeks with a lot of wonderful work.  Also it will be a special prayerful time since Ash Wednesday is this week.

Religion:  We will celebrate Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 9am.  all are welcome.  The students will begin discussing lent this week and will be looking inward to find the right way to do better during these important 40 days.

Math:  Fourth grade is working on Factors and Multiples.  If the homework is ever too confusing we will help your student at school.  Please practice math facts or make up your own multiplication/division problems as an alternative.

Language Arts:  Students will continue writing narrative essays this week.  The essays will be typed and revised throughout the week.  These narratives will be completed by Friday, March 10.

Social Studies:  Fourth grade began work on their own Oregon Trail story by completing a “family” page.  Ask your student how many brothers and sisters he/she has and what type of wagon the family will use for the trip. Students will write paragraphs about each of the 20 landmarks on the Oregon Trail!  It will be an exciting adventure.

Science:  Come see the beautiful bulletin board outside our classroom.  Both fourth grade classes worked on exploring how to construct a tin foil boat that would hold the most mass.

Dates to remember:

March  1, 2, 3 – DRESS UNIFORM

Accreditation Site Visit March 1 

Liturgy – Ash Wednesday, 9am

Friday, March 3 – Dismissal at 2pm

Friday, March 3 – Soup Supper, Grs. 7 & 1 host, 6pm

Update January 10

Starting the week off with a snow day was exciting for everyone. What a gift to be able to enjoy the snow right out your own front door!

English Language Arts:  The class began writing activities for the narrative essay project.  All the students have excellent ideas.  We are reading mentor texts for inspiration.  Students are learning how to use precise words, descriptive phrases and sensible organization of ideas.

Social Studies:  The students will take the social studies test next week on information they have collected about the Oregon Trail.  They have prepared for the test in class this week and are ready.  Following the test the class will begin the Oregon Trail Simulation activity.  This means each person will write a journal from the point of view of a child on the Oregon Trail.  This work will be done in class unless a students chooses to do extra work at home.

Science:  The class designed boats using aluminum foil.  The boats were then tested to see which designs held the most mass (number of pennies).   The students will discuss improved designs with small groups during our next science class and test the new boats.

Math:  Students spent a lot of time working on long division.  The students will continue this concept and will work on multi-step word problems this week.  Your student should be proficient enough to do long division and word problems with minimal help.

Religion:   The virtue of the month is Prudence and the Saint of the Month is John Newman.

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated in class on Tuesday.  Students are invited to bring in a Valentine for classmates.  If you choose to send in baked goods to share please also send a list of the ingredients so we can alert students who may have an allergy.  The Valentines’ Day celebration will be at the end of the day on Tuesday.

Dates to note

Thursday, February 16 noon dismissal

Friday, February 17 school /XDC not in session

Monday, February 20 school /XDC not in session

Tuesday, February 21 school not in session


The last day of school will be on Friday, June 9, 10:30am.  This is a change from Tuesday, June 13.