Library Time!

It’s back! We are heading over to the Greenwood Library on Friday. Remind your student to bring their library card to school.

Homework: Please continue to check and sign your student’s planner daily. If your child is unable to complete their homework, please write a note in the planner. They are responsible for completing the missing work the following night.

Reading: Highlight main idea and details in non-fiction text

Math: Review place value and whole number addition and subtraction. First Chapter Test this week on Tuesday. Then moving on to single digit multiplication.

Vocabulary:Re (Latin origin)- means back or again

Social Studies:Draw a map of the 7 regions of Washington State

Science: Work cooperatively in small groups to meet a challenge: How do we save Fred The Worm?

Religion: Learn about St. John the Evangelist.

Second Step: Reflect on an action plan

Writing: Introduction to writing and the writing process

Grammar: Personal Pronouns