May 17- 21

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful Seattle sunshine this weekend!
Student will take the MAP Test for Math and Reading this Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  We encourage plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast to be ready for  testing.
Academics this week:
Math: Continued work with Metric Units of Measurement
Reading: With Mrs Halley: Novel study in small groups and  Teacher read aloud Front Desk by Kelly Yang. Also ties into Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 
Science: Students will explore the questions: How does the speed of an object relate to the energy of the object? 4.ps3.1
Writing: Greek Mythology Study and Trading Card Project. Students will begin to write their own Greek Myth.
Art project– Project for 8th graders
Religion: Students will be asked to reflect on intentions that come to the aid of others and thanksgiving for our own blessings.