April showers bring May flowers

Another busy and successful week! The class is moving quickly through literature and math concepts because of their understanding and hard work.

Upcoming this week:

Math: Continued work on Geometry. Toward the end of the week we will do a Symmetry Art project!

Literature: Book reports and Greek Mythology. The class is working on a book report with a self chosen book. The kids are so independent we are able to also introduce our unit on Greek Mythology.

Science: The class studied Weathering and Erosion. The kids had their first science test and will learn how to interpret science test questions. These tests are graded differently from a traditional test. Since they are just learning how to read and comprehend the sometimes confusing questions- they get credit for trying and self correcting.

Religion: The class has reconciliation this Wednesday. We will prepare the students by discussing what constitutes a sin and how to continually improve and do the best we can.


This Tuesday and Wednesday I will be out of the classroom. My daughter is having a surgery so I will be attending to her. Ms Kathy Kelley will be the substitute. 


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Buddy STEM!

As always the Fourth Graders were wonderful role models and friends to their preschool buddies. The students were given great compliments by the preschool teachers for being kind and patient. They are a loving and caring group of kids!


This week in academics:

Math: We begin Chapter 10- all about geometry!

Writing: Students are finishing up opinion writing pieces.

Literature: Everyone has finished reading Wonder. We will have discussions about what we learned from the story. Students continue to work on book reports, which are due April 15.

Religion: Virtue of the Month Justice: To be just means to make sure everyone gets what they need such as food, clothing and shelter. This means showing each person dignity and respect.

Items to note:
We are still collecting newspapers for a STEM project.  Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls will be used for an upcoming activity- send in any you were about to recycle!
Auction this Friday!
Dessert for the auction!  Betsy Rivera is purchasing a dessert to represent our class. We will tell the kids how much their dessert made at the auction. If you’d like to contribute a dollar to the dessert send it in tomorrow.
Thank you for all your support and care this year. Third trimester goes fast as we start planning summer camps and vacations. We have more learning to do but I want to take this time to let you know that your kids have grown so much both intellectually and emotionally. It has been so special to see their progress. Fourth grade is a challenging time for many students and your kids rose to the occasion. Be proud of your wonderful kids! We look forward to a fun filled last few months!

Spring is in the air!

This will be a fun filled week! I am going to highlight some important events.

Wednesday 8:30am Fourth Grade Class Mass. Please join us for our class mass this Wednesday morning. The Fourth grade are invited to be special guests at the daily mass service with the community.

Thursday STEM Day and Night! Fourth Grade will work with preschool buddies in the morning to create umbrellas that will keep an action figure dry. In the evening come join the STEM Event from 5:30-7:30.  It will be a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of STEM projects as a family.

Fourth Grade Stations of the Cross this Friday 2:30-3:00pm We would love for you to be part of this special service. We have a community Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent. The Fourth Grade will lead the Stations this week.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or comments.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What a beautiful day to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and for all the basketball fans, Selection Sunday. The students will have much to share tomorrow!

I hope you have had time in the sun with your friends and family.  This week will be sunny and the students will be able to go out and enjoy every recess. Thanks to our classmate who was principal for the day we have an extra recess tomorrow!

Academics this week include:

Math: Chapter 9 begins. We explore fractions, decimals and percents. How can you help at home? With money! Have your kids discuss what percent a penny is of a whole dollar. How is it written? What is the fraction? What happens to that percent, fraction and decimal when more change is added?

Writing: The class has gone mad for writing. Some students have extended their Oregon Trail writing into full journals or partner projects. We are also working on a narrative: Trading Places. What would the world be like living for the day in another person’s shoes?  Next we will explore opinions. The fourth grade have some experience with expressing opinions- now it will be on paper!

Religion: Students attend Stations of the Cross weekly thorough out Lent. This week we do a deep study of what the Stations are really all about.

Science: We begin exploring weathering, erosion and deposition. How and why does the earth’s surface change?

Items to note:

Report cards go home Thursday

March Crabness this Saturday, March 23. This is a family friendly event! see news views to purchase tickets.

STEM Night March 28. Come and enjoy the fun! This is a free family event!



Spring Forward

Spring is around the corner and we have “Sprung Forward”.

The students accomplished so much last week. They took a Chapter 7 math test, completed an informative essay, made Lenten promises, started new novels for book groups, attended Ash Wednesday Mass and Stations of the Cross.  We look forward to more excitement this week.


Math: Chapter 8 begins!  Multiplying fractions is the focus along with problem solving.

Literature: As a class we continue to study Wonder. Individuals have selected novels to read for the next few weeks. Fun activities to be announced soon!

Writing: What would it be like to walk in another person’s shoes?  The student will contemplate this question and write a response.

Social Studies: We will finish our journey on the Oregon Trail. They not only survived but thrived!

Religion: Focus on the promises made for Lent, deepen our closeness to God and to one another. This is the best time to practice kindness, mindfulness and true gratitude.



Photo Day 3/12 and School In Session 3/15 !

  • Auction Ticket prices will increase on Friday, March 22nd, so don’t delay! We look forward to seeing you at the Auction on Friday, April 5th at Fremont Studios
  • Watch March Madness basketball games and Eat Crab! Saturday, March 23, 2019 – Egan Hall

March Forth!

Sunshine, Lent and Peter Pan Jr all in our week ahead.

We would love to have parents join us for Ash Wednesday mass this week at 9am. You are welcome to sit with our class. Meet us in the church or walk over with us from the classroom.

On Thursday evening the Middle School will present Peter Pan JR. The musical plays through the weekend. Appropriate for all ages!  Advance tickets – Adults, $4.50; Students/Children, $3.00.  Purchase before they are sold out!

Academics for the week:

Math: Students struggle with adding and subtracting mixed numbers when regrouping is required( 3 1/4 – 3/4). How can you help? Using fractions in the kitchen (measuring with 1/3 cups and 1/4 teaspoons for example) brings fractions to life.  Get a helper in the kitchen this week and teach math at the same time!

Reading/Writing: Students have done a great job with the Oregon Trail work. They read information about a variety of topics related to the Oregon Trail and are putting together informational essays. They will finish this project and present their writing and Wagons this week.

Literature: As a class we are on Part 5 of Wonder. Each part is told through the eyes of a different character. Some students have read ahead and are done with the novel. Once we are all at the end we will move from our chapter quizzes to reflective conversations regarding the characters motivation and feelings.

Religion: Using the Catholic Relief Services Rice bowl project we will see weekly videos throughout Lent to learn more about this season and the true meaning of Alms Giving, Fasting and Praying.

Here is a 3 minute video to refresh the memory and answer questions you may have about LENT:

WATCH: Lent in Three Minutes




Full Week Ahead!

The students were wonderful our short few days last week. They accomplished a lot in three days.  This week will be our first full week in awhile! I think everyone is looking forward to the routine.

The following is what we plan on covering this week:

Math: Continued work with adding and subtracting fractions and an introduction to improper fractions. Students will be introduced to a new weekly math challenge.

Social Studies: The Wagon Project will extend into Monday and Tuesday. Students will begin their self selected research project on the Oregon Trail. Some kids have decided on a topic. By Wednesday everyone will have chosen an area of study.

Literature: The class continues reading and taking comprehension quizzes on Wonder. Also given the recent level set test and coaching from an Achieve 3000 consultant, we have some new strategies to support student growth in reading and writing using the program.

Religion: The Beatitudes will be our area of study this week.

Important items to note:

Yearbook Order Forms/Envelopes went home with students on Friday. Orders are due by February 28. You may prefer to order online. Go the Kids Photography website and choose “online order” in the upper right corner.

Auction tickets went on sale Friday and are available for purchase on-line at https://www.biddingforgood.com/stjohnsea/.

Family STEM Night! Mark your calendars for March 28, when St. John School will host its First Annual


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Annie Martin

Snow Day!

Another snow day in Seattle. Stay safe and enjoy the rare opportunity to play in the snow right outside your front door!

I want to let you know that I will have a substitute the next few days. My daughter is having surgery so I will be staying home taking on the role of nurse. Your children are very lucky to have Kathy Kelly as their substitute. Kathy is a former Third Grade teacher who earned the title The Queen of St John due to her love and care of the kids!

Valentine’s Day:  Please send in those cards for an exchange if you would like on Thursday! Since the school week is shortened if your child wants to make a Valentine holder at home please do. There are many ideas on line for simple to extreme.

Math: We completed our Chapter 6 math test and will begin chapter 7. Also this week the students will do a fun math activity using Candy Conversation Hearts. If your child is allergic to Candy Conversation Hearts please let me know and we will find an alternative. Although the candy is used for a math activity, I guarantee some will be eaten 🙂

Wonder: We are moving into part Three of Wonder. The class will have an open book quiz on the section we have completed.

Oregon Trail: We have read a book in class about the Oregon Trail. Students will be asked to think of a particular topic they would like to research about the trail. Last year a few question students researched included: What diseases did pioneers get?  What type of food did they eat and how did they prepare it on the trail?  What weapons were used?

Religion: Students are asked to think of a favorite Saint or favorite prayer. Why is this Saint or prayer meaningful to you?

If you would like ideas for an activity on this snow day some ideas include:

 Complete an Achieve Article

Practice math facts using xtramath, flash cards or a game 

Make a Valentine holder

Pick a favorite topic to write about

Research a STEM activity to do and present to the class

Research a topic of interest and create a presentation for the class (kids love power points and posters)


Hope you enjoy the day and take care. As always if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I will be checking email over the next few days so will be available!


Annie Martin



Fun Purple and Gold Day!

The kids had a great time on Purple and Gold Day!  The fourth grade showed support, excitement and school spirit during the festivities.  What a wonderful group of Eagles!

To look forward to this week in class:

Math: Our math class will be learning more about fractions. We will continue to learn how to compare fractions, order fractions, and find equivalent fractions. You can expect to see homework that provides practice with fractions.

Social Studies/Language Arts: We have started the journey on the Oregon Trail. Students are reading an informational book titled, If you Traveled West in a Covered Wagon. Students are using a variety of graphic organizers to list details and facts about the journey. We will work on using the graphic organizes to create an informative essay.  Later students will research a topic of choice related to the Oregon trail. They will pick the graphic organizers most useful to them as a tool to organize facts to put into a presentation.

Wonder: The class is on part two of the book, VIA. Students are taking open book quizzes and will continue to have think pair share discussions.  The thoughts that come from the kids are at times very poignant and deep. They are a kind and sensitive class.

Religion: The Peace Prayer Projects were wonderful!  We look forward to another exciting religion project.  We will discuss the value of showing respect for life through respectful language and actions.  Using stories of the saints and historical figures students will demonstrate a sensitivity to the feelings of others and an appreciation of their differences. We will create ideas to inform others that the way they interact with their classmates and their community can make a positive difference!

Library: The rumor is true and the library is open! The class checked books out on Friday and will do so every Friday moving froward.  Yay books!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We are half way through fourth grade and the students are really growing up. Fourth grade is academically demanding for the kids. Also friendships shift during the Fourth and Fifth grade years and this can be confusing. Please let me know if your child might need support with anything.

Enjoy your Sunday and time with family and friends.