October 13 Update!

What a wonderful week this has been as we mark our half way point in Trimester One.  The students take pride in all they have been learning and the hard work they have put in.  It will be a great rest of the trimester!

The students had vision and screening at school today.  Thank you to our volunteers who helped out!

Here is what is happening in class:

Math:  The class will be learning more about multiplication.  We will be doing some strategies that might be new to families.  The students will bring home examples of how to do their work.  If kids ever feel overwhelmed or confused I am here to help!  If homework becomes frustrating send it in with your student and I can work with him/her at school.  You can always put homework aside and play a math game!

Social Studies: Students are researching information about a Washington State Native American Tribe of choice.  The research and work are being done in class.  Some students may want to do some work at home and that is completely their choice!

Religion: We have begun our work with Second Step.  Every Monday we will do a lesson from the Second Step curriculum.  Throughout the month we will also be discussing the Rosary.

Genius Hour:  Today the students participated in Genius Hour.  This was introduced with the question: What is Prayer?  Students brainstormed ideas and thought of ways to share these thoughts with others.  The students then picked from the following topics: What is love?  Who is God? What is Hope?  Without using GOOGLE students discussed these ideas and created ways to find out more about these topics.  They will create great ways to share thoughts with others!


Have a great week!


Annie Martin



September 29 Update!

The students completed MAP testing his week!  They put forth their best effort on all four MAP tests.  We will share the MAP test results with you when progress reports are sent home.  At the end of October during our conferences we can discuss in detail your child’s MAP test scores, Achieve Lexile levels and work in the classroom.


What we are working on:

Math: Students completed Chapter One of the math book.  Next week we begin Chapter Two and focus on multiplication. Please keep working on math fact practice at home!

Language Arts:  Students continue to be required to complete one Achieve Article per week at home.  They are welcome to do more!  We complete two Articles a week in class.  Students must get a score of 75% or better on the first try to get full points for the article.  They may do as many articles as necessary to get a 75%!  And yes you can help you child read through the article!

Social Studies:  Students are in cooperative groups working on Lesson One in the Washington State History Book.  Next week students will begin a North West Coast Native American project.

Science:  Students continue to learn about Weathering and Erosion!  The lessons are hands on and fun!

Dates to Note:

Monday, October 2, FACTS Financial Aid / Fulcrum Foundation Tuition Grant application site opens
Tuesday, October 3, 6:30pm, Egan Hall – Safe Environment Training
Tuesday, October 3, 7pm – Our Lady of the Lake hosts Catholic High School Information Night


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family time!

September 22 Update!

The week flew by! The students had a great week.  What a blessing to end the week with sunshine!

The class was able to complete the math portion of the MAP test.  Here is the schedule for the Map test for next week:
Monday 8:30-10:00: Reading
Wednesday 8:30-10:00: Language
Thursday 8:30-10:00: Science

Here is what we are doing in each subject:

Math:  The class is almost done with Chapter One of the math book.  We will be focusing on problem solving next week and reviewing the concepts of rounding, estimating and careful addition and subtraction with large numbers.  Our Chapter One Assessment will be on Thursday.

Language Arts:  We continue to practice our Daily 5 routine.  Next week the class will begin work on an interactive language arts notebook.  We will discuss character traits by reading the book A Bad Case of Stripes and by reading short passages that illustrate internal and external character traits.

Science and Social Studies Switch!  We have begun switching classes for science and social studies.  Ms Purchio will teach science to both fourth grade classesand I will teach social studies to both fourth grade classes.  Science is focusing on Weathering and Erosion.  In social studies we will begin projects on Washington State Native Americans.

Religion:  We have begun saying the Memorare daily in class.  The students listen while I say the prayer.  In a few weeks they will begin memorizing the prayer.  We are also learning about the Beatitudes.

Here is a great video about Growth Mindset!

Items to note:

Thursday, September 28 – Hot Lunch Portal closes
Monday, October 1 – FACT 2018/2019 opens
Wednesday, October 4 – Mass, Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, 9am – DRESS UNIFORM

Celebrate 100 Years of St. John Parish

St. John Parish will be 100 years old on October 4th. Join us at any of the events listed below–especially the Oktoberfest party on October 14th.

Schedule of Events

October 4th -100 Years!
9am – All School Liturgy plus special treat for the school children.
October 14th – 5pm Mass
October 14th – Oktoberfest Party

Have a wonderful weekend!


Annie Martin






Jog-a-thon Friday!

Thank you for supporting the St. John School Jog-a-thon 2017!  The students always have a great time and the school appreciates your generous donations.  Our Class was amazing running around the long loop!  Way to go Fourth Graders!
I hope to see you at the school BBQ from 5-8 tonight.  It will be a wonderful event!

Growth Mindset:  The students have started a weekly Growth Mindset program.  Every Friday the class participates in activities and discussions to encourage the understanding that each person has the opportunity for continuous learning and growth.  We can learn anything!

Watch this great Growth Mindset video:

Math:  Students have reviewed the concepts of rounding, place value, addition of numbers to the thousands, comparisons and word problems.  The class is at the mid-chapter point for Chapter One.  We will have a mid-chapter check point Monday.

Social Studies:  In small groups or independently students created Washington State Stamp Posters.  The students were given a detailed rubric to guide their work and clarify the expectations of the project.  The same rubric is used to grade each project.  This is a fun and clear way for students to understand how to follow the guidelines of a project.

Religion:  The class continues to practice familiar prayers in class regularly.  We will introduce a new prayer, The Memorare, next week.

Language Arts:  Students have been taught the procedure for our Daily 5 routine.  They have successfully read with partners, written independent stories and completed word work.  Also, each person completed at least one in class Achieve article.

Power Schools:  I have updated a few assignments in Power Schools.  If your child has a 0/M in the grade book that means the assignment is missing.  If your students is certain the paper was turned in, that is probably true.  Many papers have been turned in with no name.  A big piece of learning in the first few weeks of school is to remember to put first and last name and student number on each paper.

Volunteers:  Thank you to everyone who has offered to help in our classroom.  I will be in contact soon about the volunteer schedule. We do have an immediate need for a room parent.  Let me know if you are up for the job and I will forward a detailed description of the job and a link to sign up!

Dates to remember:

Sunday, September 16 Blessing of the Back Packs at 10:30 mass.

Tuesday, September 19 Coding Club begins

Wednesday, September 20 Volunteer Art Parent Meeting, 8:30am, Quigley 13

Thursday, September 21 Art Club begins



Friday Update!

Thank you for attending curriculum night.  It was a great way to share all the information about the exciting projects, expectations and curriculum in Fourth Grade.  If you were unable to attend, I am happy to send home a packet of information.

We have had a great week!  Here are some questions to ask your student to get some insight to what we did:

What did you do when Ms Gudaitis came in for math? What did you do with the string?

Did you make something special during art with Ms. Kay?

Who was in your group for the STEM project?  How did you make a tower with only index cards and tape?

Did you check out any books in Library this week?

How can you strengthen your brain?

Important Items to Remember:

Check the Green Friday Folder that went home today

Wednesday, September 13, Hot Lunch Portal will open for October lunch orders

Jog-a-thon Friday, September 15

Back to School BBQ and Carnival Friday, September 15, 5pm-8pm


Have a wonderful and restful weekend!


Annie Martin





Wonderful First Week!

I feel so fortunate to work with your students.  The class is creative, kind and energetic!   We are blessed with wonderful children at St. John and I must say this Fourth Grade class are some of the best!  We are going to have a fun, productive and memorable year!


Items to note:

  • Jogathon packets are in your child’s Friday Folder.  Our goal is to raise $60,000 this year and we need your help!  Please encourage your son or daughter to actively participate in this fundraising process.  We have built in a few awesome incentives if we hit our target goals as a class.  Have your child tell you about these over the weekend!
  • Cross Country sign-ups are still OPEN!  Mrs. Skokan is encouraging all students to participate in preparation for the Jogathon!
  • There is no school on Monday – enjoy the long weekend & safe travels to those of you heading out of town!
  • Crispin’s Kitchen will be open and serving hot lunch starting Tuesday, September 5th.
  • Curriculum night is next Thursday, September 7th.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing all of you at curriculum night!

All the best,

Annie Martin

Welcome to Grade Four!

Hello wonderful students and families!

I am so excited to meet you on our first day of school next Wednesday!  Come to school prepared to have fun.

Now that the class lists have gone out please contact me with any questions you may have about the beginning of Fourth Grade in Ms. Martin’s room.

Our School Theme is:

“You are the light of the world.  Let your light shine!”

This theme will lead us in all we do this year.  Each person in Fourth grade is wonderful in his/her own unique way.  The light you have to offer will inspire so many great things!

Enjoy the last few days of summer.  I am so happy you are in my class and that we have the opportunity to learn and grow together!

Enjoy the summer!

Thank you so much for the gift of scrip, chocolate, flowers and beautiful student created notes!  I am so touched by your kindness and generosity.

Working with your children this year was amazing!  The students grew academically, socially and emotionally.  They are well prepared for Grade Five. Each and every student is wonderful in his or her unique way.  I felt so blessed to have shared Fourth Grade with your children!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer filled with new experiences, plenty of family time and a lot of fun!


Annie Martin

June Update!


This has been another fun week!  The first ever St John Buddy lunch was a huge success.  What a great end of the year event!

Fourth Graders have worked hard on Greek Myths the past two weeks.  Presentations of the Greek myths will begin on Monday.  The whole class is so excited to share their stories and trading cards.

Please look in your child’s Friday folder for the following

Summer Solution Books:  A celebration will happen in September for those who work on it this summer!

Packet of Summer Option work ideas for math, reading and a pass for Federal Parks!


Things to remember:

  • June 3 Pig Out Dinner at St John (hope to see you there!)
  • June 4th – Baccalaureate Mass @ 10:00am
  • June 6th – Eighth Grade Assembly @ 1:45pm
  • June 7th – Ice Cream Party (auction item)
  • June 8th – Intermediate Field Day & 8th grade Graduation
  • June 9th – All school mass & 10:30am dismissal (Last day of school!)

Please note the updated dismissal time for Friday!  We are now dismissing at 10:30am.  Sorry for the confusion.

Enjoy the weekend!

Update May 26

It has been a wonderful week!   We have had many enriching and exciting activities.

This is what we did this week:

Class Mass with our preschool buddies.  The Fourth Graders received a compliment from Father Crispin about what terrific role models they were to the “little angles”.

Informative book talk from the Public Library.  Please ask your student about the information we learned.  There is a summer reading program and many great incentives.

Great Field Trip to the Seattle Art Museum.  Thank you to the volunteers who joined us on our metro bus ride downtown to the fun SAM experience. The kids learned a lot about Symmetry and Art.

The Oregon Trail Party was a success!  The students played fate games, watched a video about the Oregon trail, had Oregon trail food samples and shared their Oregon Trail Journals.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a fun event!


Items to note for the next couple weeks:

No School on Monday!  Enjoy the long weekend.

Field Day Forms went home today.  Please fill out the permission form and  volunteer sheet to send back as soon as possible.

Buddy Lunch Thursday June 1.  No need to send a lunch in with your student school will provide lunch so that all kids can eat with their buddy class.

We need new artwork for the 2017 Jog-a-thon! : All students grades PK-7 are encouraged to submit artwork to Señor Pablo by Friday, June 2. Two designs will be chosen to represent the 2016 Jog-A-Thon (t-shirt and poster). Winners will receive a Scrip card of their choice for $25! Artwork should be hand drawn by the student in one-color ink. Ask Señor Pablo or email the Jog-a-thon if you have any questions.

June 3: End of the school year (almost) Pig Out BBQ at school.  See news views for more information.

June 8th – Intermediate Field Day & 8th grade Graduation

June 9th – All school mass & 10:00am dismissal (Last day of school!)



Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!