Distance Learning Holy Week April 6- 10

Thank you for all your support, hard work and dedication these past few weeks. You are amazing! It is a huge challenge to balance work, life and family under normal times, it is particularly challenging now!

Below is my teacher plan for the week. I am sharing this with you since we are in this together. Google Classroom is our hub for learning and communication.

Here is a video that will be on Google Classroom for the kids. Let’s get them in the mindset for learning! https://safeYouTube.net/w/Klt4

In observance of Holy Week the work load is a bit lighter. This Friday is Good Friday. Our group meeting is moved to 10am.Here is a two minute video about Holy Week:  https://safeYouTube.net/w/7ho4

Again this is just a guide so you know what to expect. Google Classroom is the place where the magic happens!

If your child has questions about Google Classroom please have them ask me. Encourage your child to sign in for the Google Class meets this week. Monday/Friday at 10am for whole group and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at 10am small group.