Jog-a-thon Week!

This is an exciting week for the school. It is Jog-a-thon Week! Students are invited to jog at home or at school.  More information here on how to participate!

What to look forward to in Academics:

Math: Fourth Graders are now using the ZEARN curriculum. The class will have  teacher instructed lessons daily and three independent Zearn lessons weekly.  All lessons are done during math class. If students need time to finish math, they are able to during Independent Work time.

Reading with Mrs Halley: This week we finish our novel study of Bunnicula. Student will show their comprehension of the novel in 3 ways: a comprehension matching quiz, a short answer quiz, and completing and sharing with their classmates a final project of their choice.

Writing: Students begin a  multi-week Common Core Narrative Writing Unit. A packet of graphic organizers was sent home during our Meet and Greet to use with this unit. Brainstorming and rough drafts will be done in the writing composition book. The final draft will be typed. Students will have many opportunities to share their work along the way.

Social Studies: Monday we will discuss Hispanic Heritage Month. From mid-September through mid-October, America celebrates the traditions, culture, and contributions of Hispanic Americans.

Items to note:

  • Tuesday, September 29 – Friday, October 2
    • Jog-a-thon Week
    • Wednesday Afternoon 1:30 -3:00:  Independent work only for Ms Martin’s Class. It is Jog-a-thon time for the class 1:30-3:00. See the schedule to participate at home or school
    • Sunday, October 4

September 21 – 25

Thank you for your support during our MAP Test last week and for encouraging your children as they transition to Fourth Grade. They are doing so well!

We have a fun and busy week in Fourth Grade ahead:

Art: Ms Kay will have Art Class every Thursday Morning at 9:15 starting this week. If you are in need of art supplies please reach out to Kay Jang.

Math: Students will read and write multi-digit whole numbers using expanded, standard and word form and study place value. They will continue to look at math with a growth mindset using math tasks.

Reading from Mrs Halley: We will continue our novel study of Bunnicula. A novel study is the process of reading (studying) a text together. I am reading aloud Bunnicula and modeling many reading strategies. Students are using this text to practice comprehension, and other concepts like cause/effect, summarizing, making inferences, and so much more.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Text Features using the Washington Adventure Social Studies text.

Vocabulary: Students begin studying vocabulary this week. They will be introduced to the root “un”, given tasks to complete daily and have a check point on Friday.

Writing: Students will learn how to expand sentences this week. They had great ideas in their paragraphs last week. Now they will focus on adding details to create pictures in the reader’s mind.

Religion: Students pray as class each morning. We think of those who need our love, support and compassion. We ask for strength and comfort. We reflect on gratitude.

Dates to note from NewsViews:


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Annie Martin

Week Two

We are off to a wonderful start!

The students are showing skill and patience using the Zoom and Google Classroom tools. Thank you for creating great learning spaces at home!

I hope you had a chance to look over the email sent home Friday regarding the Map Tests. Map Testing will be this Tuesday and Thursday. We will follow our schedule for the week with Tuesday and Thursday being the exceptions. Aside from the MAP Testing on those days no other work will be expected of the students.

Let’s Shoot for the Stars and have Fun!  The St. John School Jog-a-thon presented by Atlas Construction Specialties will take place the week of September 28 – October 2! You should have received an email from 99Pledges with a link to your student’s pledge page.

Thank you for your amazing support!


First Week of School

Thank you for coming to the Meet and Greet.  I look forward to starting the year with the fabulous fourth graders!

Below are a few reminders for our first week:

Class begins at 8:30 on Tuesday! Please log on to Google Classroom and accept the invitation to be part of the Fourth Grade classrooms.  Zoom links for each day are in Ms Martin’s Homeroom under the classwork tab.

Blank Paper: In addition to the school supply list, it would be helpful for your student to have some plain paper such as printer paper.  This will come in handy for brainstorming and art activities.

Achieve Level Set: During reading time your student will be taking the ACHIEVE level set test this Thursday. Since this test will take different amounts of time depending upon the student, everyone needs to have a “good fit book” for when they are finished. 

Remember: Independence is our goal.

Your student will do a wonderful job learning how to navigate on-line learning!