Summer Post

Dear Families,
Thank you for your support during this challenging and ever-changing school year. Your frequent check ins and monthly ” pick me up” gifts really helped raise our spirits!
Thank you for the end of year gift of the Mimosa Kit, handmade cards, gift cards and thoughtful treats! It means a lot and I truly appreciate your kindness.
We have been through a lot this year. Although our time together in Fourth Grade has come to a close, I am not going anywhere! I will hold a special place in my heart for the class of 2020/2021 and for our shared experience.
As you unwind and transition to summertime mode here are some resources to continue learning and growing:
Summer Learning opportunity from our Student Support Team:
Summer Solutions workbooks. Choose the level that matches your child’s current grade level, so Fourth Grade. It can be ordered here
Math N Stuff on Roosevelt has countless fun and engaging recourses. One workbook series my family is using is Spectrum Math. Get the grade level your child just completed. It is for review of the past school year to build a strong foundation for next school year.
Have a wonderful summer!