“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

The class was wonderful at our first all school mass last week. The students received compliments on their great participation and singing.  Way to go!


Multiplication:  We have been focusing on learning various strategies to multiply multi-digit numbers by a single digit (6 x 4572).  The kids are doing great. Please work on basic facts for a few minutes daily at home. A stress free way for kids is to look at flash cards with the answer and say the fact aloud.  “8×9 is 72”  saying the facts out loud and seeing the answer will help with memorization! Try to keep it simple, stress free and consistent! Really 5 -10 minutes a day is perfect.

Conferences: If you have not yet signed up for conferences please do. I am looking forward to talking with you and your child. Your child participates in the conference so make sure your fourth grader is present.  Kids get worried about the conference. There is nothing to worry about!  We will focus on how to help the student. We discuss strategies so the student will be responsible for their own work and learning. We cover tips on how to ask for help, suggestions  to stretch learning with challenge by choice and using a growth mind set with persistence when things seems hard.

The Annual Fall Holiday Food Drive kicks off early this year, due to a greater need.  Students are asked to bring to classrooms, non-perishable items for our neighbors in need.

Tuesday, October 22 Individual Picture Day: This is a free “dressy” day; clothing should be appropriate for portraiture. Please refer to the parent handbook for any questions about dress code on free dress days

Monday, October 28 : School not in session:  Conferences for all students, PreK-8th, noon-8:00pm

Tuesday, October 29: School in session:  Late start for all grades, PreK-8th, 9:00am

Thursday, November 21st Grandparents’ & Friends’ Day:  This is a dress uniform day for the entire school.  No hot lunch will be served. Please find RSVP on school webpage.


The class is so fun to be with everyday!  Thank you for all you do to support their growth and learning!






A Week of Celebrations!



“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”       Lao-Tzu


This will be a week of many celebrations!

Tuesday, October 15: We will celebrate and reflect on Hispanic Heritage Month. The class will review the  accomplishments and lesson  from the Hispanic leaders, artists, activists and celebrities we studied. Students will also enjoy an extra recess as part of the day.

Wednesday , October 16: We have our first all School Mass of the year. Mass is at 9am. You are welcome to join us. Please be sure your child is in dress uniform.

Thursday, October 17: Progress reports go home. Celebrate your child’s learning and the goals your student will set for the rest of the trimester!

Friday, October 18: Jog-a-thon Celebration Day. We will have a student Assembly, cash grabbin’ gecko at lunch and free dress. In addition our class is invited to bring in a stuffy and a cozy item such as a blanket and/or pillow.



Students are growing and learning each and everyday.  They are a joy to work with! Their growth is a celebration!


Four Day Week!

This week we will focus on routines, expectations and empathy. Together we can do so much to help our classroom and greater community!

 Homework: Check in with your student and read through the homework sheet for the week.  Review the vocabulary/spelling words. The test will be on Thursday. Students are to complete one Achieve Article at home.  They must strive to get 75% or higher on the Article.

Reading: We continue to read Bunniclua. Students do comprehension work along with the reading in class.

Writing: Students will work on the final draft for the Narrative Project. In class we are not able to use computers to type stories at this time. The kids will write out the final drafts. Students who want to type are welcome to do that at home.

Math: Students created pictures/models to solve comparison problems today. An example of comparison problems was sent home for homework.

Religion: All School Mass is on October 16. Join us if you are able! It was fun to see two of our Fourth Graders serve at the 8:30am Mass! Thank you K ans M for doing a wonderful job!

Thank you for all you do to support your children at home.

Thank you for all you do to support our classroom and the school.

You are appreciated!