Goals of This Year’s Program:

 This year your child will be learning how God calls us to live with him forever. The commandments are taught as signs of God’s love, and the Beatitudes are introduced as Jesus’ way to happiness. Your child is led to a greater appreciation of the sacraments and is encouraged to respond joyfully to God’s call to live in the spirit of his love.


Ten Principles to Nurture Your Child’s Faith

  1. Listen with your heart as well as with your head.
  2. Encourage wonder and curiosity in your child.
  3. Coach your child in empathy early. It’s a building block for morality.
  4. Display religious artwork in your home. This will serve as a steady witness that faith is an important part of life.
  5. Gently guide your child to a life of honesty.
  6. Whenever appropriate, model for your child how to say,“I’m sorry.”
  7. Eat meals together regularly as a family. It will be an anchor for your child in days to come.
  8. Pray together in good times and in bad. Worship together regularly as a family.
  9. Be generous to those who need help. Make helping others an important focus of your life as a family.

Courtesy of Christ our Life series