MLK Holiday

I hope you enjoyed the three day weekend and had time to reflect and discuss what this day truly means. We will continue the discussion in class this week.  We will also prepare our classroom for the all school Open House this Sunday. I hope to see you at mass this Sunday to kick off  Catholic Schools Week.

Academics this week:

Math: The class continues to study division. Homework will be sent home daily to practice this skill!

Social Studies: Our class is studying the Oregon Trail. We will be reading a non-fiction book for fact gathering.

Reading: Our study of Wonder is going strong. The class is also focusing on Achieve and working hard to increase lexile levels.

Writing: Students will write based on reading of the Oregon Trail book called: If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon.

Religion: The 10 Commandments continue to be our area of study. The class is creating a flip book you will be able to see on Sunday during the Open House.


New Year and New Goals

The new year brings new goals and new learning. Students will take on more responsibility for their continued growth. Fourth graders will be asked to keep up with assignments and ask the teacher if on Power School they notice something missing. The students are capable to follow through with new responsibility!

Students will create academic and personal goals to keep motivated. We are also working on a projects called “One Word”.  Ask your student about the project and what they will do with “One Word”!

Here is what we are working on in each subject:

Math: Division. We will find a variety of ways to divide.  This will include the traditional algorithm.

Writing: Paragraphs every week will be written and graded. I am looking for excellent word choice and correct punctuation.

Social Studies: We begin our study of the Oregon Trail!

Religion: The 10 Commandments is the focus. Students will create a flip book to be shared at the Open House.

Achieve: Students continue to read Achieve Articles. A score of 75% or better is the goal.